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Legal disclaimer for featured content.

You may notice that there are many images, quotes, as well as video used used in a lot of these published pieces. These are necessary for referential purposes, and though we try our best credit their sources, this is sometimes not possible, as that information is not always available to us. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to be credited, or have these particular works removed.

That being said, many of the images and video our writers and publishers use is often necessary, and serves as a direct reference to the topic. Ragefor -as well as any writers featured on our websites or videos- reserves the right to use these images, as their utilization is protected by law, in accordance with the United States Copyright act of 1978, pursuant to article 1, paragraph 7.

Thumbnails featured in our articles -for example- are transformative, and, as such, their use is protected under article 4 paragraph 2 of the USCA, and protected under the "fair use" clause of the DMCA.

In other words, if you see any images featured in our articles that you own, that have not been properly credited, or you would otherwise wish not to be featured on our website, feel free to contact us at admin@ragefor.com, and we will be sure to make the necessary corrections, up to -and including- the removal of said images. 

Though we are happy to remove any of this material as necessary, don't expect to be compensated for our use of the images or video footage. Removal of said material -copyrighted or otherwise- is about the extent of what we are willing to do, and the moment you start trying to hound our company -or our associates- for monetary compensation, is the moment you will be hearing from our lawyers. Our use of any image on this site is demonstrably protected by US copyright law, and we would be more than happy to demonstrate that fact in a U.S. court room.

RageFor Reviews and Endorsements

RageFor.com does not endorse any product or service in any official capacity, say for the products and services listed in our Partners page, and is not responsible for the content of its freelance writing staff. All reviews and announcements are the personal opinions of the writers themselves, and are subject to their personal discretion.

That being said, Ragefor holds a strict policy of not publishing any article or review under the pretext of n official endorsement -paid or otherwise- on our website, and will remove any such endorsements masquerading as impartial reviews or coverage at our discretion. In other words, we don't take money for positive coverage of anything, as we believe doing so is an act of bad faith, so don't even bother asking our staff to publish something for money, or free shit.

RageFor production and sales

RageFor.com does not sell a product, nor service of any kind in any official capacity. Many products may be featured, but are not distributed in any way by our website, nor any of its parent companies. RageFor.com maintains a strict separation between those products in which we advertise, and those products or services our featured writers review.


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