Welcome to my Cave now on iOS, Android

If you ever wanted to play a real-time strategy game, in the vain of Civilization or Age of Empires, but start it from the very beginning of humanity, instead of some specific 500 B.C.E. era civilization, this is likely the game for you.

Welcome to my Cave is a casual RTS, similar in design to many historically-focused RTS games out there, but with a unique twist on an established formula. 

Unlike most RTS games where you build a civilization based on a specific time frame, WTMC let's you start from the early paleolithic era, and scale your technology far beyond the limits of the era you start in. In theory, with enough time and skill, a player can go from a stone-aged civilization to a space-age one, where players can travel the universe.

If this title looks similar to a lot of Kairosoft titles like Pocket Academy and Game Dev Story, this wasn't an accident. Marina Makarevskaya, founder and lead developer at Error300 studios, makes no secret of WTMC's early RTS inspiration.

Screenshot of the gameplay.

I’m a huge fan of Kairosoft games. I’m not even going to pretend I’m not – because anyone seeing Welcome to My Cave is going to spot the similarities. The truth is that I’ve always wanted to make a game like this. We had to come up with an innovative theme in order to stand out from the countless sims already in existence. It needed to be something that hadn’t been done before. One of our team members suggested cavemen. I thought ‘Hmmm, cavemen simulator…’ – and the rest is (pre)history!

You can play this game now, on both iOS and Android. It's free to play, with a full version available for $3.99.

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