Does Candid want to Sue Mark Kern Because he Didn't Like their App?

Amid an onslaught of criticism regarding the Candid social networking app, Candid co-founder Bindu Reddy is looking into going after its detractors on Twitter. After game developer, and former World of Warcraft lead Mark Kern expressed concerns about the purported anonymity of the Candid app, He went to twitter to talk about it, and ended up in an argument with Reddy that lasted nearly 24 hours.

Reddy has threatened to sue many of her critics, claiming that they are committing liable through spreading 'false' information.

Candid was supposedly developed amid growing concerns that the larger social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have taken a decidedly anti-free speech stance lately. Candid has advertised itself as a completely anonymous platform where you can speak your mind without the fear of censorship, but has since done a lot of things that have people weary of it. For example, Billing itself as an anonymous platform, yet immediately asking for users to link their Facebook accounts to the app, so it can search through their friends list.

another shady message comes at the very next screen of the app, asking to thoroughly search your phone's contact list in order to share your "Anonymous" posts with people close enough to you that you have them in your contacts list..? What?!

It also wants to know your location, so that the 'Anonymous' messages can be sent to strangers in your area.

There are also options in the UI that allow you to flag posts as hate speech, or pornographic, defeating the whole purpose of a free speech app entirely. Not to mention the very anti-expressive tweets made by the app's employees.

When Mark Kern expressed similar concerns, Bindu decided to get lawyers involved, and even had employees data-mining tweets, and look into Kern's history at Blizzard. This naturally had Kern on the defensive, deciding to Lawyer-up himself.

By far, the biggest controversy surrounding this app involves big anti-SJW and pro free speech YouTubers being paid to create videos promoting Candid, as well as produce counterarguments to the App's critics.

What do you think of the Candid App?

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