King of Fighters: World -A Chinese-Only MMORPG?!

In a mobile gaming market constantly being starved of deep and immersive titles, legends have told of SNK leading an effort to turn their flagship fighting game franchise into an online RPG. Those rumors turned out to be true, with the King of Fighters: World.

KOF:W is a MMO developed exclusively for iOS and Android, boasting a fully 3D experience that takes full advantage of modern mobile hardware. The game appears to be heavily story-driven, with an action-oriented battle system and puzzle-solving elements. So far, the game is only available in China, with only a vague promise of a worldwide release some time in the future.

The choice to limit its release to China should not really come as a surprise, when you consider SNK's subsequent purchase by Chinese company Layou Millennium in 2015. compared to the vast majority of the western world, the mobile gaming scene is much--MUCH bigger in China, considering it was only one year ago that a ban on foreign video game console imports was lifted. Phones and tablets are a kind of status symbol in the region, so it only makes sense for SNK to market a game in the country if every single living person there has the console to play it with.

SNK has already announced its third original character for the game; Hoshino Kaoru --a model or something-- with a connection to fan favorite (and world's cheapest high-tier fighting game character) Athena Asamiya.

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