Asphalt 9 Now Available for Android, iOS

Gameloft's longest running franchise now has its first sequel in five years.

With no pre-registration, no, announcements of any kind, and no warning, Asphalt 9 dropped two days ago (July 26th, 2018,) five years after the release of mobile gaming's most successful racing title: Asphalt 8.

Asphalt 8 is a free-to-play multiplayer racing game released in 2013, that found tremendous success on the Android platform. Now, asphalt 9 is available on both the iOS and Android app stores, and is playable right now.

Asphalt is a franchise that started as early as 2005 on mobile platforms like the Nintendo DS, and PSP. It distinguished itself as a mobile-mostly IP for over a decade. The franchise had only had a small niche following, and didn't see true mainstream success until the release of Asphalt 8 in May of 2013.

8 distinguished itself as a wacky, over-the-top arcade experience, and shared many striking similarities to the Burnout franchise. So much so that it has even earned the nickname "Burnout for phones" on places like Reddit and Facebook.

Asphalt 9 carries over its tradition of insane arcade nonsense set to mainstream electronic music in its sequel. Be sure to check it out below:

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