It's Finally here! Halo Reach comes for Steam and Microsoft Windows

Hey, remember when Bungie used to make the HALO games?

Halo: Reach finally got released on PC through both Steam and the Microsoft store, to the excitement of halo fans around the world.

Halo: Reach hasn't had a re-release in over a decade, marking the first time this critically acclaimed game has been showcased on the PC since its debut in 2004. Now PC gamers can take a refreshing look at this highly regarded FPS from a time before microtransactions and always-online DRM ruined everything.

You can buy this game outright for Steam and the Microsoft Store for $10 -- a price unheard of for an official re-release.

343 studios, along with Halo Insider, mulled over this game for months trying to work the bugs out. as a result,  the studio missed its opportunity to have a playable demo ready for this year's E3 in early April. Fortunately, this hasn't killed hype for the re-release at all.

Be sure to check it out here:

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