Modern Warfare Reboot Reveal Accidentally Leaked by Activision

Activision accidentally spoils the whole reveal on Youtube.

At around 10:AM PST today, the long-speculated reboot of Activision's legendary first-person shooter was set to be revealed in a live stream online. Unfortunately for Activision and publisher infinity Ward several key details about the game were spoiled by none other than Activision's own YouTube Channel.

For reasons even we still don't quite understand, the scheduled live stream featured prominently on Activision's YouTube channel page had a series of thumbnails that exposed some key information about the game.

When users browsing YouTube on their PCs leave their mouse hovering over any thumbnail on YouTube, they are able to see small clips of the content before they click on it. Its a similar situation for live streams, but in the case of Activision's featured video hovering over the featured stream with a mouse revealed several still frames that spoiled the whole thing. Namely the box art of the game, which in tern revealed the title of the game being revealed.

The game was none other than a reboot of Cal of Duty: Modern Warfare, originally released in November of 2007 as Call of Duty 4. Not only was the box cover and working title of the game revealed way too early, but so was the games projected release date, which we now know is set for October 18th of this year.

Activision has since removed the video from their channel, but -by that time- the damage was already done. A bunch of YouTube users took screenshots of the info revealed in the thumbnail and shared them on reddit, which you can see here.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is considered by many to be one of the greatest multiplayer shooters of all time. In its heyday, it has enjoyed multiple game of the year awards, and multiple high-ranking review scores. It has even been credited as being one of the games that built the foundation that competitive FPS games were built on. This game has over 10 game of the year awards, and has sold over 18 million copies worldwide. It makes sense that Activision would relaunch this game for a modern audience.
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