E3's showing of Halo Reach on PC is still not playable

 Fraser Brown at PC Gamer.com is reporting that the popular video gaming event E3 will be showing the hit blockbuster game Halo Reach on PC to fans.

According to 343 Industries the cleverly titled Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be available after the E3 event somewhere in April 2019. The gaming developers claim that they have to finish game testing in order to make it playable for fans. In the meantime, public gaming tests have been postponed. 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrard addressed fan concerns over the issue on his Twitter account:

"We will show off a tiny slice of Halo: Reach today, but the build will not be playable at Microsoft Stores - that was listed in error. Insider flighting is getting closer though. Stay tuned for the May update blog and today's stream for more info!" - Brian Jarrard, Twitter.

The well-known video game franchise had been a fan favorite since the early 2000s. Expanding the rich collection of games to PC means more capital for 343 Industries. The main obstacle for the gaming company is the technical issues related to the UI and the game's controls. these are common problems when dealing with a "ported" version of a game.

343 Industries has decided to release the Halo games according to the chronological order: Reach, Combat Evolved, 2, 3, ODST, and 4. The games can be either purchased individually or in one big collection.  343's community director Brian Jarrard also had this to add regarding the Halo: The Master Chief Collection and individual games.

"Reach will be the first title out of the gate and while I'm not at liberty to give you hard details yet, I think it's safe to say that flighting will be kicking off sooner than people probably expect," he said.

"Remember, the outcomes of public flighting will play a large part in driving the retail release. If things are going great, it'll be swift. If we encounter unforeseen issues then we'll have to spend more time."

Technical issues aside, there is no doubt that the E3 showing of the hit Halo games will yield great capital gains for 343 Industries. More and more video game companies realize that the game's brand has a lot to the overall monetary success of the company. The hit classic games have lots of longevity even if they are old. Many gaming companies have turned to remake and updating older hit titles such as Halo, Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, and many others.

 As for the rest of us gamers, we look forward to the abundance of nostalgia us millennial's remember and love so much. In an endless sea of games, we tend to love the games we are familiar with a little more.

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