October Mobile Legends Update fixes Game-breaking Bugs

Version 1.4.18 finally fixes most of the bugs

Players may remember that gaming on the September 19th version of Mobile Legends was virtually unplayable. Gamers who were able to play just fine prior to the update were left with freezing loading screens, garbage frame rates, and pings that travel from the low 20s to the 300+ range in seconds.

But it seems like Mobile legends developer MoonTon kept good on their promise to fix all that. Now, players are able to actually play the game without it crashing and burning on them.

The latest patch --Version 1.4.18-- brings with it a bunch of tweaks to some of the heroes as well. here are some of the patch notes:

- Lancelot's Floral Knight skin will be available on 29th September 2019.
- Terizla, Harith, Chou, X.Borg, Valir, Grock and Esmeralda nerfed.
- Natalia and Lapu-Lapu buffed.
- Gord's Skill 1 no longer has slowing effect while his Skill 2's Magic Bonus increased. Meanwhile, his Ultimate's slowing effect had increased by 20%, but the slowing effect's duration was decreased.
- Badang's Skill 2's Cooldown time had decreased by a second, but his Skill 1's slowing effect had decreased by 20%.
- Vengeance spell buffed.
- Oracle and Athena's Shield's now provides more Magic Defense.
- Tough Boots' price had decreased by 50 gold.
- A Halloween themed map was added.
- A new in-game currency, Crystal of Aurora was added.

A lot of nerfs found their way on this list in an attempt to further balance the PVP, along with its numerous bug fixes.

Stay tuned for more info on the next update, set to be released late October.
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