Mobile Legends Update Breaks Game for Most Players

Mobile Legends version is buggy as hell, and MoonTon is working on a fix.

Before Fortnite was ported to Android and iOS, Mobile Legends was considered the most popular and widely adapted multiplayer game for mobile devices. It is also among the most critically acclaimed gaming titles as well, with multiple game-of-the-year awards since its release. However, this new "speedy" update (version 2.0) seems to be generating a clusterf#ck of problems for long time players. Major lag spikes, dropped connections, and random frame rate drops as low as 1FPS are just a few of the issues this new update brings with it.

Never before seen lag spikes

Weird lag spikes, and framerate that swings wildly from 60 to 3FPS.
Reddit and Google Play users have been a buzz with complaints about unstable connectivity after the "Speedy" update. Most complain of upwards of triple-digit spikes in ping that only happen during enemy encounters. This issue is so widespread that many are confusing this bug with problems with their own network.

Framerate is crap

From 28 to 280FPS in 1 second. Yep, this is a catastrophe.
Ordinarily, major lag spikes that see players going from a ping of 24ms to 315ms would be enough to be considered game-breaking for most players, but it gets worse. Players across the world are noticing that even when switching to 'fast mode' in the settings menu, this game's framerate drops dramatically upon encounters involving more than 4 players on the screen -- a problem this game has never had before. Even given our own tests, we've noticed some pretty catastrophic frame-rate drop-off with devices like the Moto G6 and even the LG G7.

Redit user BeefChaoFanOriginal had this to say:

The fps somehow drops. I have a smooth gameplay before updating, now at smooth setting it's still lag. Im using huawei nova 3i. Is there a way to downgrade the version? Thanks 

Game crashes during loading screen

Typical experience of the average Mobile Legends player after the update. You get disconnected at the loading screen, then you get reported for being AFK. Sure, it's not your fault, but you're still on the hook for it.
By far, the most widespread complaint involves players not even getting past the loading screens. Players entering a classic or Ranked match often experience the game freezing, or even a black screen when the game's loading screen gets to around 50%. To top it all off, players forced to quit the app are then penalized, for "AFK" behaviors; losing battle points, and even being outright banned from ranked matches.

When players address the issue in Google Reviews, the response is the same canned text blurb given to everyone with a complaint.

Dear player, Since the launch of the Speedy Version, some players might have encountered some problems. We have attached great importance to these issues and recent feedback. Now we've found the causes of these problems and we're urgently fixing these issues. We will inform you as soon as possible once these problems are fixed. --MLBB CS Team

So far, it's been about 5 weeks since the update, and problems with the Mobile Legends Speedy update still exist. With the aforementioned announcement, these problems should be fixed in the next couple of weeks.
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