Cyber Shadow Gameplay Revealed at PAX East

Blue Yatch Club is injecting life back into the 2D gaming scene.

Blue Yatch Games, the studio behind the smash hit indie game Shovel Night, revealed its classic 8-bit style retro action platformer, inspired by the classic Ninja Gaiden franchise.

The game follows a ninja named Shadow, in a post-apocalyptic Earth taken over by synthetic lifeforms. In an attempt to answer a call for help, Shadow embarks on a journey to rescue other members of his ninja clan. In doing so, Shadow gains each member's signature techniques, and uses them to defeat various enemies along the way.

In blue Yatch's official press release, Sean Velasco, The game's Director had this to say.

Working on Cyber Shadow has been exhausting but amazing at the same time. I’m thrilled that Yacht Club Games has taken an interest in my ninja game. It feels surreal for sure, and I can’t wait to see what comes next

This game has all the flagship features of every side scrolling action platform you could imagine.
Perrallax backgrounds, hand-crafted 8-bit artwork, fluid animation, and the challenging as all-hell gameplay you would expect from any classic platforming action, with all the conveniences of a modern game.

So far, this game is just an announcement. No word on when the game comes out, or if there will be physical copies of the game will be available. Stay tuned for updates on a release date, and follow Blue Yatch gasmes on social media for more info.
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